MEALS:  Meals are served family-style at 8:30 AM, 1:00 PM and 6 PM.  You are welcome to a snack or a drink any time.  Guests from all villas are invited to dine on the outside, moving indoors only as needed.  Enjoy Balinese cuisine prepared fresh daily from a variety of local ingredients by our cooks.  We do not have room service and do not make individual meals for individual guests but attempt to be as accommodating as possible.  Portions and options may be strikingly different from what you are used to.  Please only serve yourself what you will consume to decrease waste.  In this tropical environment, it is critical that we limit food to dining areas to keep unwanted pests at bay.  A few overlooked crumbs is all it takes.

For added variation, visit one of several nearby restaurants by foot or by car.  See our website’s online interactive map for a list of local restaurants that we recommend.  There is a small grocery store about 15 minutes east by car.  We are happy to drive you there.  The large grocery store is about a one hour drive each way, in Singaraja.  We stock a small supply of wine, beer, spirits, soda for purchase. 

WATER:  Water comes from our wells.  It is perfect for brushing teeth, showering and washing.  Please use the bottled water provided for drinking at Villas Barat and Timur.  At Kala, you may drink the water from the tap or use bottled water.

SMOKING:  There is no smoking inside or outside the villas except at the Bale Santai and at the stone table area in Kala.  This includes the use of e-cigarettes.  Please use ashtrays and be respectful of other guests.

MOSQUITO NETS:  We do not have mosquito nets in the bedrooms.  We found that they are amazingly not needed due to the oceanside location combined with a special spray our staff uses daily.  One of us uses a chemical based (permethrin) mosquito repellent and get few bites, the other uses nothing and never gets bit.  You can bring your own favorite repellent or purchase one of two types that we sell here for use on the body.  We do strongly suggest closing the bedroom doors at dusk as a prevention.

BEACH ACCESS:  Please note that guests with reservations solely at Kala do not have direct beach access, access to the oceanfront infinity pool, Sekenam, Sekepat or Bale Santai areas of The Mahalani.

POOLS:  The pools are brand new and kid friendly with outdoor showers.  Please, no diving.  There are NO FENCES around the pools and no lifeguards on duty.  Please be diligent in supervising young children and non-swimmers.  We have a wearable child water safety device for loan and one adult life jacket, along with snorkeling masks, fins and vests in various sizes for use.  Place dry, dirty pool towels in the basket provided.

BEACH:  Bondalem's beach is extremely kid friendly, exceedingly mild and very shallow making it easy to walk in for quite a distance out to sea.  Snorkeling is amazing.  The beach is a black beach.  Pretty rocky with a more sandy texture in the dry season.  Water shoes are strongly advised.   This also prevents the very rare rock fish sting.  Some people choose to wear wet/stinger suits to avoid jelly fish stings but most do not.  Diving is an option if you have/rent equipment from a local dive shop.  There are other great beaches for surfing in South Bali.  We are happy to direct you to a great instructor and arrange for a day trip.

SEPTIC SYSTEM:  Waste water (toilet water) is collected and filtered in natural septic systems below the ground.  Help us be environmentally friendly.  It is imperative that only toilet paper be placed in the toilets.  PLEASE:  Absolutely no tampons, pads, condoms, paper or cloth towels or diapers in the toilets!  DO NOT STAND ON THE TOILETS.  Do not wash the toilets after use with water.  Most toilets have built in bidets.  If you'd like instruction on how to use any toilet, please ask.

HOUSEKEEPING/LINEN/LAUNDRY:  Housekeeping is provided every day unless you ask for us not to clean your room.  Bedding and towels are changed every third day.  If you would like to have new linen prior to that, just ask.  For laundry service, place your laundry basket outside the bedroom door.  Please do not use the white towels for make-up removal or remove them from the villa.  We have special towels for day trips/beach use – just ask!

AIR CONDITIONING:  Please turn off air conditioning when you are not in the bedroom. Plus, the breeze is amazing.

RESIDENT ANIMALS:  We inherited a bird, a cat, fish, frogs and geckos - all outdoor animals.  SourPatch is a Nuri bird.  KitKat, the cat, is a little shy and stays outside except for a quick meal.  Please help us in making sure she does not get in the habit of sleeping indoors or on furniture.  Geckos are everywhere, can be a little scary at first, but are safe and also fun to watch.  Please, do NOT feed the animals.

CULTURAL NOISE:  We are located near several Hindu religious sites.  The pro is that there are plenty of opportunities to experience the local culture.  The con is sometimes there is music and chanting as part of the cultural and community celebrations that may feel disruptive.  We try to let guests know about any important cultural days that fall during their visit but cannot guarantee absolute quiet.  Sometimes it is darn right loud, but it's temporary.

FREE WIFI:  Please remember that we are in a remote village.  High speed internet just arrived in June 2017.  There are times when it may go down and be down until it gets fixed on “Bali time”.  If that happens, we can help you arrange temporary solutions.

PHONES:  We cannot guarantee mobile data service.  We suggest our guests use WhatsApp for local and long distance calling/texting while you are on site.  We have a land line for local calls on request and in emergencies.

OTHER ELECTRONICS:  We have a printer, satellite TV with international channels, Chromecast, DVD players and a wide variety of DVDs.  Portable Bluetooth speakers are available on request including a pool safe speaker.

SERVICE FEE/TIPPING/PAYMENTSThe flat 10% Service Fee was designed to help guests not have to worry about leaving nightly room tips and eliminates figuring out the right amount to tip, who to tip, and whether to tip different staff different amounts.  We take it as a lump sum and use a portion to pay for health insurance, educational programs, staff events and an emergency fund for our team.  The remainder is evenly divided among the team based upon service goals.  There is no need to give additional tips but, you may.  We ask that you pay this directly to the Guest Relations Manager or the Villa Manager, and we promise to distribute it equitably. All prices are in USD and subject to change without notice. IDR rates are provided as an approximation only. Onsite payments may be made in IDR or by credit card (5% USD processing fee).  

SECURITY DEPOSIT:  A $100 USD security deposit is due on arrival and returned on departure.  You may pay in cash (USD or IDR) or credit card (5% USD processing fee).  

CHILD FRIENDLY BUT NOT CHILD PROOF:  If you need something to be moved or elevated to prevent breakage, please ask.  We are more than happy to find a temporary home for those items.

LOSS/BREAKAGE:  If for any reason something breaks or needs repair, please notify the staff so we can replace or restock the item prior to the next guests.

LOAN LIBRARY/GAMES:  We have a small book library with books in multiple languages.  Please borrow, but do not keep any books.  Feel free to leave one of your own books behind if you have finished it, so we can slowly expand our library.  We have cards, Badminton, Scrabble, Connect Four, Checkers and Chess located in the bar in Villa Barat. There are binoculars, children’s toys, beach and pool toys, snorkeling equipment, water shoes and Bluetooth speakers for loan.  Just ask!

SECURITY:  Security is onsite from 6 PM to 7 AM daily.  Please bring a copy of each guest’s passport.  Anti-terrorist laws require us to file passports (photocopies) with the local police on arrival.  There is no need to lock your bedroom door when you leave the villa, but you may do so if you wish.  To avoid a lost key fee ($25 USD), we recommend leaving your key with the staff.  Housekeeping staff will enter locked rooms to clean.  A safe is provided in each bedroom. 

PROBLEMS/ISSUES:  Having a problem or question after your arrival?  Let us know right away.  We can brainstorm solutions together.  Don't wait until after you leave.  Inform the Villa Manager right away.  If you need to escalate the problem, email us or WhatsApp us directly at, or in an emergency, call +1 (253) 285-3807.  Even though we aren't onsite, we're here for you. 

Grateful,  Julie + Tripp 



The Mahalani welcomes all people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexuality.  We are anti-child/human sex trade or trafficking. We are committed to working in a sustainable way to reduce the daily impact on our environment.

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